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Through traffic of much style of container goods generation and international
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Container transport is the modern carriage kind that has freightage as carriage unit with container, already made a kind of when use generally important carriage way on international at present. Through traffic of international much style rises in the generation on the foundation of container transport and development, it is agency with container commonly, carry seaborne, railroad, highway transportation and aviation are carried wait for traditional and single carriage way, organic ground rises jointly, will finish the freightage between international.

(one) the advantage of container transport

1. To consignor character, its advantage body reduced the happening of the attaint of goods, theft and pollution greatly now; Saved the cost that pack; Because reduced time of have a change of luck, can undertake controlling to goods better, reduced cost of have a change of luck thereby, also reduced the cost that inland is carried and assembles and unassemble, facilitating implementation is quicker " the door arrives the door " carry.
2. To carrier, the advantage of container transport depended on reducing shipping to be in the lay days of harbor, quickened marine have enough to meet need, the have enough to meet need that shipping quickens can use its carriage capacity effectively, the liability of claim for compensation that reduces pair of goods.
3. To freight representative, use container undertakes freightage can think they offer more opportunities to produce the effect of the carrier that do not have a boat, provide service of transportation by regular carriers, billabong carries a service, tear open case service, the door carries service and the opportunity that provide through traffic service to the door.

(2) the defect of container transport

1. Accept the restriction of the cargo, make flow direction of boat on-line goods lopsided, often carry in a few branch line in, occurrence sky carries a boat or box measures many reductive situation, affected economic benefits thereby.
2. Need invests in great quantities, produce capital difficulty.
3. Have a change of luck is not harmonious, cause carriage time to lengthen, raise fixed cost.
4. Accept the restriction of inland traffic condition, cannot develop container transport adequately " the door arrives the door " carriage advantage.
5. The law of respect of each country container transport, regulations, formalities and only evidence are skimble-scamble, of through traffic of much style of block up international begin.

(3) the advantage of through traffic of international much style

1. Procedure is simple, responsibility is unified
In international means of much style through traffic falls, goods haul no matter much further, finish freightage jointly by a few kinds of carriage means no matter, also no matter goods is passed during transit how many times have a change of luck, all carriage item all are in charge of dealing with by carrier of much style through traffic. And consignor needs to be dealt with only consign, conclude one carries a contract, pay freight, deal with insurance, obtain bill of lading of a through traffic. The trouble that carries the only evidence related means and formalities to go up with each is reduced lowermost limit. Consignor simply and much style through traffic manage a person to have negotiation.
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