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Characteristic of international railroad freightage
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(one) the characteristic of railroad freightage

Railroad is the main artery of national economy, railroad carries one of main carriage kind that are modern carrying trade, it and photograph of other carriage way are compared, have the following and main characteristic:
1. The accuracy that railroad carries and successional strong. Railroad is carried suffer climate to affect scarcely, need not divide ground of day and night to undertake periodic all the year round, those who have the law, accurate movement.
2. Railroad carriage rate is rapidder. Every day and night can amount to railroad freight speed hundreds of kilometers, average freight car can amount to 100 Km/h left and right sides, far outclass is seaborne.
3. Traffic is bigger. A goods train can carry railroad commonly goods of 3000 ~ 5000t, far outclass aviation is carried and motor transportation.
4. Railroad carriage cost is inferior. Railroad transport costs is motor transportation charge only a few to ten; 1/20 oil of carriage bad news is motor transportation about.
5. Railroad carries on the safe side, the risk is far than seaborne small.
6. Earlier investment is large. Orbit of laid of railroad carriage need, make bridge and tube, the project that build a road is arduous and complex; Need uses up a large number of rolled steel, lumber; Take up land, its initial stage invests to exceed other carriage way greatly.
Additional, railroad is carried by carry, the business section composition such as Wu of machine Wu, car, labour, report Wu, want to have stronger accuracy and continuity, must coordinate between each business section consistent, this is carrying direct respect to execute with respect to the requirement arrange as a whole, unite a leadership.

(2) the action of international railroad freightage

1. Be helpful for expanding the trade that is the same as Ou Ya each country

Become Eurasia couplet through railroad, offerred advantageous condition to expand the trade of medium, the Near East and European each country. In found a state earlier, the international trade of our country is main Eastern European country of bureau be confined to, railroad carries the 50 % left and right sides that occupies gross of freightage of our country imports and exports, it is at that time the main carriage way of our country foreign trade. After entering 60 age, the development of our country maritime freightage, although the proportion that place of goods of railroad carriage imports and exports holds drops somewhat, but its effect is very main still. Since 50 time, the goods of imports and exports of our country and Korea, Mongolia, Vietnam, former Russia, the majority is remained carry those who finish through railroad; A few countries also carry district of Europe of our country and Western Europe, north and middle east international railroad through traffic comes to those who undertake goods of imports and exports to carry.

2. Be helpful for beginning the trade that is the same as area of HongKong and Macow, have entrepot trade through Hong Kong
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