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International is maritime freightage goods is acting
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International is maritime freightage is to show use shipping carries a kind of when goods ships between the haven that maritime channel is in different country and area carriage kind.

(one) international is maritime the characteristic of freightage

1. Traffic is big. International freightage is the merchandise trade that has inside limits all over the world, situation and geographical condition decided maritime freightage is the main measure of international freightage. The 75 % above of international trade total volume is to use seaborne will finish, the foreign trade of some countries is carried marine the 90 % above that takes volume. Main reason is shipping to large change development, be like 500 thousand ~ 700 thousand tons giant oil tanker, 160 thousand ~ 170 thousand tons bulk boat, and of container ship large change, marine carry ability is more than the train, car and plane far, it is the carriage tool with carriage the greatest ability.

2. Carrying capacity is large. Seaborne use natural course extend in all directions, unlike train, car should accept orbit and viatic restriction, consequently its carrying capacity should exceed all sorts of other carriage means. If wait for conditional change because of politics, economy, military affairs, still can change course to sail at any time toward the destination port that is helpful for assembling and unassemble.

3. Freight is cheap. Marine course is natural form, shipping volume is large, haven equipment all is built for the government commonly, shipping wear well and economic fuel, so the unit of goods carries cost relatively cheap. According to statistic, marine freight is the 1/5 of railway transportation expenses about commonly, the 1/10 of highway car freight, the 1/30 of air freight, this is low cost the carriage of predominent goods offerred advantageous competitive condition.
4. Strong to the adaptability of goods. Because afore-mentioned characteristics make,maritime freightage basically gets used to the carriage of all sorts of goods. Car of stage of the wildcat that be like stone, train, engine exceed great goods, other carriage way cannot ship, shipping can ship commonly.

5. Carriage rate is slow. Because the volume of merchantman is large, the resistance of current is great, together with assembles and unassemble time is long etc other the influence of all sorts of elements, the carriage rate of goods is so slower than other carriage way. Rapidder regular ship headway also only left and right sides of 30 N Mile/h.

6. The risk is bigger. Because shipping sea Shanghai Airline suffers nature all right,climate is mixed seasonal the impact is bigger, ocean environment is complex, atmosphere is changeful, what at any time the marine nature calamity that meets the manpower such as fierce wind, billow, windstorm, thunder, seismic sea wave to contend hard makes a surprise attack is likely, the possibility of be in danger is compared terrestrial, coastal should big. In the meantime, seaborne still existing social risk, wait for the influence of the element like war, strike, commercial embargo. For marry again loss, insurance of seaborne goods, shipping should be caused especially take seriously.
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