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The consign of international trade goods
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One. Delivery time

The commonly used FOB in international trade, CIF, CFR3 is planted commerce term belongs to port of shipment to deliver the goods, so customarily constant " delivery " with " ship " be equal. But the exceptional case that wants watchful happening.

1.Determine the method of delivery time

(1) regulation ships inside some month

(2) regulation ships before bottom of some month in and month out

(3) regulation shipped some a few days ago in some month

(4) regulation ships inside some a few consecutive months

(5) regulation ships inside a certain number of time after getting L/C or payment for goods

(After 6) stipulates in the contract the autograph is made an appointment with, ship instantly (" spot ships " or " ship as soon as possible " )

2.Set the factor that the delivery time of the contract should consider

(Element of 1) supply of goods: Namely whether can supply of goods satisfy delivery time.

(2) carries an element: Whether can goods carry the shipping place that provides to the contract ships on time on schedule.

(3) market condition: The market condition of some goods is to follow season (or time) of change, should grant to notice.

(4) commodity circumstance: Of commodity moistureproof prevent the ingredient such as geography of the season of Lv of characteristic take an examination such as heat, course.

2. Harbor provision

Port of shipment: Do not have by accident regulation clearly " port of shipment " it is the important segment that makes a contract.

Destination port: "Destination port " be put forward to agree via buyers and sellers by buyer normally and decide.

Should notice:

1. The haven of the nation that cannot accept our country government not to allow to have trade or area is destination port.

2. Must make clear to the regulation of destination port specific, do not use commonly " European main haven " , " Africa is main haven " wait for general words and expressions. Because unified explanation is not had to this on international, and of different haven assemble and unassemble condition, freight and surtax, have very big difference possibly also.

3. Goods carry is gone to did not arrive directly at a boat or arrive directly at a boat and the haven with very few the number of voyages or flights, should set in the contract " allow change to another ship " clause, ship with benefit.

4. Destination port must be shipping the haven of OK and safe anchor.

5. To the commerce of landlocked nation, should choose to be apart from this country commonly recent, can arrange marine haven to be destination port. Divide through traffic carrier to be able to accept whole journey to carry, city of land of general not acceptability less than is the arrangement of destination.

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