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International goods generation is marine in how to carry exceed content of big p
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Current, in international ocean the goods that in carrying, transports, phyletic and various, the shipping type that uses carriage goods in the light of the goods of different type, assemble and unassemble equipment is different also. This period we are aimed at specific goods from the boat model, assemble and unassemble how do two respect introductions ship equipment exceed content of big piece goods.

1. Lorry. The carriage of the lorry uses PCTC (PURECARTRUCKCARRIER) , its are main the characteristic is to use monolayer board (average height is in 3 - 4 meters between) large lorry can be accommodated inside cabin, its shipping end jumps the largest loading capacity can amount to 45 tons, loading capacity of every square metre can amount to 3 tons, because this can allow,overweight the lorry jumps through shipping end enter cabin.

2. Large facility. Will tell commonly, the carriage of large facility is more complex, some components volume is larger, tonnage is bigger, cannot use general container transport, and some spare parts can use container transport. Current, this kind of equipment uses ROROANDCONTAINER commonly this kind of boat, can carry large part and container with fashionable dress, the perfect boat that because this is many much larger facilities,carries an option. So this kind of boat what to deploy to assemble and unassemble is equipment more reasonable?

This kind of equipment applies to BOLSTERFLATBED grow the 4 meters of less than, large part that weighs 28 tons of less than. Get on goods condole to flat by crane, height removing condole does not exceed a meter, (can avoid goods to because swing,be in in process removing condole, retroflexion the goods that causes damages) , take with tailor-made nylon next (its tigidity is equal at wire rope, but the photograph is right to its can be being reduced greatly for wire rope of goods surface wear away) or wire rope adds spacer, secure goods go up in flat, jump to take goods use ship's hold through shipping end by forklift. (institute of as above plan is shown) this kind of equipment applies to ROLLTRAILER carry overweight, exceed big goods, theoretic can bear the weight of the 25 meters long, goods that hefts 120 tons, but because be jumped by end,carrying capacity is restricted with what delay the carriage capability of the head, practical carrying capacity can slant a few smaller. ROLLTRAILER by pull a head to jump through shipping end from era carry enters cabin inside, the 0 damaged that can realize goods (following plan institute are shown) .

3. Train railroad car. Because train car trunk is longer, 40 meters grow to use general ROLLTRAILER to carry the meeting restriction as a result of hatch so, automobile body cannot rotate install cabin inside. SPECIALDESIGNEDTRAILERS (special tire bogie) can solve this problem, this equipment tire can realize 360 degrees to rotate, when through shipping end jumps into cabin, can drop
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