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Through traffic of much style of container transport and international
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Container transport is to point to lade goods undertake carriage within the container of standard norms, agree with ocean is carried, railroad is carried and aviation is carried wait for all sorts of carriage means. Container transport with its the characteristic of efficient and high grade low cost, become current a kind of the most fundamental goods lades form. On the foundation of container transport, developed an a variety of carriage way between the international that organic ground union rises coherent carry, namely through traffic of international much style.

A. Container transport
Container transport is to show freightage process lades one kind medium actually form. Container is one kind can be used repeatedly facilitate the standardization crate that assembles and unassemble quickly. International Organization for Standardization recommended 3 series the container of 13 kinds of norms, the container norms that in international carriage middling uses mixes 40 feet for 20 feet two kinds. Namely IA 8 ' X8 ' X4O ' , IAA 8.6 ' X8 ' X40 ' , IC 8 ' X8 ' X20 ' .
Container belongs to consignor by its stevedore place. Can divide mix for full container load goods spelling box. Full container load (FCL) just can install box hind to send to container storage yard directly by oneself by goods (CY) , after full container load reachs destination, send to storage yard to be extracted by consignee. Storage yard is set around container dock normally, it is the terminal of container.
If the goods of a consignor is not worth one entire case, need to send to container goods station (CFS) undertake the goods of different consignor going all out installing by property, flow direction by carrier, call money spelling box (LCL) . Goods arrives destination, goods spelling box (LCL) after should sending to goods station to tear open box by carrier, extract by consignee respectively.
Container hands over means this kind to should give on carriage receipt specification. The general expression on international means is:
FCL / FCL or CY / CY (get ready whole tear open)
FCL / LCL or CY / CFS (get ready go all out tear open)
LCL / FCL or CFS / CY (go all out outfit is whole tear open)
LCL / LCL or CFS / CFS (go all out outfit go all out tear open)
Every container has fixed number, the fully sheathed case after case imprints on the steel rope lead sealing of the door have number. Container number and seal number can replace carriage sign, show go up in main export receipt, become the identifying in carrying mark and goods are specific the mark that convert.

B. Through traffic of international much style
"" of through traffic of international much style is lade with container form all sorts of carriage means coherent rise a kind of when undertake international is carried new-style carriage means. According to " convention of through traffic of U.N. international much style " explanation, "" of through traffic of international much style must have the following 5 conditions: A. Between the international that is two kinds of different carriage kind at least coherent carry. B. Have contract of through traffic of a many type.
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