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Of goods of export of international railroad through traffic consign and accepta
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1. marine exit carries the work, clinching a deal with CIF or CFR condition, when by the bargainor arrangement is carried, its work program is as follows:
(1) the shipping clause in L/C of examine and verify: Carry for exert the job goes on wheels, after getting letter of credit, the shipping provision that must concern in card of examine and verify, be like shipment, period of settlement of exchange, port of shipment, destination port, whether can have a change of luck or partial shipments and whether to appoint ship company, boat name, boat book and ship' classification, some coming card asks to offer all sorts of prooves, be like course certificate, boat membership card, to these clauses and regulation, I answer
According to our country policy, international convention, the requirement is reasonable whether can mix or do wait to will consider to accept or put forward to revise a requirement.
(2) stock up signs up for check: Make the variety that goods concerns in contract and L/C according to be being exported namely, norms, amount, pack the regulation that wait, on time, press qualitative, the ground that press a quantity prepares the export goods that should make, make good application newspaper check and the job that get card. Cold storage goods should have been done drop in temperature the job, stipulate with assuring to be accorded with when lading temperature asks. Be in our country, every includes trade supervision orgnaization the provision " phyletic watch " medium commodity and basis L/C, commerce contract provides the goods that issues letter by trade supervision orgnaization, before all needing to declare at customs in exit, fill in " exit examines requisition " application trade supervision. Some export goods need appraisal weight, some needing that undertake moving plant quarantine or sanitation, how examine completely, want to do appropriate beforehand, obtain eligible certification. Had done the preparative work before giving movement, commodity card is all ready already, can deal with consign the job.
(3) consign order cabin: The work out exports booking note, can deal with to freight representative entrust the formalities that order cabin. After freight representative presses course classification to arrange according to the specific requirement of consignor, order cabin in time to ship company or its representative. Consignor also can order cabin to ship company or its representative directly. Give shipping order when ship company or its representative autograph, the job that decide cabin is accused namely finish, mean the carriage contract between consignor and carrier to had concluded.
(4) safe: After goods books cabin seat or berth, belong to a bargainor to be sure, the casting that can run tally content carriage risk maintains procedures. Insurance amount is normally cast with the CIF price addition of bill protect (addition number agrees according to buyers and sellers, if did not agree, add commonly 10% cast protect) .
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