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International goods land transportation distributings
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One, of line of international railroad freight distributing
1. Siberia railroad
2. European railroad network
3. North America traverses thing railroad line
4. On the west inferior- - European railroad line

2, the railroad line that our country leads to neighbour and area and territory port
1. Bank continent line- - come northwest since Harbin full continent in, full-length 935 kilometers.
2. Bank peaceful line- - rise from Harbin, peaceful to the east longitude fragrance river and alone join of photograph of railroad of area of couplet body far east, full-length 548 kilometers.
3. Collect second line- - the part that includes a line from Beijing stands rather, arrive northwest 2 even, full-length 364 kilometers.
4. Shenyang red line- - arrive from Shenyang red east. Cross duck green river and Korea railroad to be linked together, full-length 274 kilometers.
5. Grow graph line- - Jilin Changchun rises on the west, the figure reachs east people, across graph people river and join of Korea railroad photograph, full-length 527 kilometers.
6. Plum collect line- - install to collect from plum bayou, full-length 245 kilometers, cross duck green Jiang Zhi to tell station of Korea full riverside.
7. Hunan laurel line- - from Hunan Heng Yang rises, via Guangxi Liuzhou, nanning arrives at terminus by auspicious, full-length 1013 kilometers.
8. Line of elder brother river- - from color of green jade of Yunnan Kunming classics stockaded village arrives bayou, full-length 177 kilometers.
9. Boreal border line- - build Urumqi anew to terminus A arrives to pull mountain pass on the west.
The mainland is right the railroad freight of Hong Kong area, by inland each station installs car carry to reach Shenzhen, shenzhen station is our country wide the terminus of 9 railroad middle, collect lake bridge leads to the railroad port of Hong Kong for Shenzhen.

3, of highway transportation of our country foreign trade and port distributing
1. Right alone couplet body highway transportation port:
Xinjiang: Tuergete, suddenly Er fruit this, ba Ketu, ji Mu is, ai Maili, dakeshenken.
Northeast area: Long mountain range child (sunshine spring) / Kalasijinuo; Dong Ning (fork in a road) / Boerdafuka; Peaceful fragrance river / Bogelani engraves inside; Room Wei (Jilalin) / Ao Luo engraves; Black hilltop / old Chu Luhai pursues; Full continent in / hind Beijiaersike; Desert river / Jialinda.
2. To port of Korea highway transportation:
In between face former only our country red east there are a few highways as newly as Korea to export freightage occasionally between justice city. Since 1987, jilin saves open sunshine spring, the highway transportation of graph door river and the local trade goods that north of Korea 嵅 lens. Carry outside head office and Korea oneself by me at was being signed 1987 Jilin saves 3 close, the agreement of the goods of have a change of luck of clear ferry harbor of Korea of classics of sanded lump port.
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