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Circuitry of international freight aviation
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One, the busiest airline on the world has:

Western Europe- - the airline of Beijing University West between North America. This course basically joins Paris, london, frankfurt, new York, chicago, cover the aviation key position such as Teliya.

Western Europe- - middle east- - far east airline. Western Europe of this course join each are main the airport reachs far east Hong Kong, beijing, the airport such as Tokyo. And Athens of by way of, caire Teheran, kalaji, xin Deli, bangkok, the main air terminal such as Singapore.

Far east- - the course of boreal Pacific Ocean between North America. This is Beijing, hong Kong, the Pacific Ocean of north of airport classics classics such as Tokyo in the sky to North America on the west coastal Wengehua, xi Yatu, san Francisco, the airline of the airport such as los angeles. And but outspread the airport to bank of North America the East China Sea. The Honolulu with mid Pacific Ocean is the main relay gas station of this course.

In addition, still have North America- - South America, western Europe- - South America, western Europe- - Africa, western Europe- - southeast Asia- - bay new, far east- - bay new, north America- - bay wait for important international airline newly.

2, the line of international trade air-freight of our country and airport

Be in our country, basically be in Beijing at present, shanghai, tianjin, shenyang, dalian, harbin, qingdao, guangzhou. Nanning, the airport such as Kunming and Urumqi is received do international air-freight job.

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