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International carries acting sort
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(1) chartering acts as agent. Call chartering agent again (SHIPPING BROKER) , point to the person that be commercial activity object with shipping and hires business into ship of sail a boat, major servicing is to be chartering person to search appropriate cargo ship in the market ship or seek freight target for ship-owner, make with bagman identity chartering person and ship-owner both sides are reached rent trade, earn middleman's fee from which. Accordingly, what entrust person portion according to what what it represents is different divide again for chartering agent and ship-owner agent.

(2) boat Wu acts as agent (SHIPPING AGENT) . Point to those who accept carrier to entrust, the person of all business that do sth for sb to be concerned with shipping, major servicing has harbor of shipping pass in and out, freight, supply reach other service job. The commission of the ship and procuratorial acceptance with every boat in the limit of, call representative of the number of voyages or flights; Sign between the ship and agent have long-term representative agreement, call long-term representative.

(3) freight acts as agent (FREIGHT FORWARDER) . Point to those who accept consignor to entrust, deal with concerned goods to declare at customs on behalf of consignor, have sex, storage, allocate and transfer, examine, pack, have a change of luck, order the person of the business such as cabin, basically have order cabin to pull goods representative, goods assembles and unassemble representative, goods declares at customs representative, have a change of luck acts as agent, tally acts as agent, store representative, container representative.

(4) advisory representative (CONSULTATIVEAGENT) : Point to be engaged in technically consulting the job, press the need of client, carry a condition in order to offer about international trade, information, data, data and information serve and collection is certain the person of pay. The business between of all kinds representative often hands in above each other wrong, if many boat Wu act as agent to also hold battalion freight concurrently to act as agent, some freight representative also holds representative of battalion boat Wu concurrently to wait.

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