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Development serves course of study to build new Shanxi: Houmatong fills medical
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The management group that Houmatong contains medical content to shed a center to depend on high quality and quick electronic information serve, medicine content shedding deserves to send a network to cover rural area of total provincial capital, 300 kilometers less than deserves 24 hours to send arrive, beyond 300 kilometers 36 hours are finished deserve to send.

Houmatong fills medical content to shed a center is what shed standard of enterprise and standard of GSP of medicines and chemical reagents to build according to modern other people is muti_function medical content sheds a center, it is my province at present the oldest medicine other people sheds a center. Since last year, this center innovation manages mode, execute affiliation of business of manufacturer combination, business, with the whole nation 500 many famous medicines and chemical reagents produced manufacturer to establish business connection, management medicines and chemical reagents more than kinds 3000. Special for circumference the manufacturing company inside 100 kilometers, business company is mixed retail business, made " 0 inventory " and " door face each other " deserve to send a service, enlarged the market quickly occupational portion. This center is saving 119 counties of 11 city completely nowadays (city, area) compose builds a modern medicine content to shed 2 grading to send a center, medicines and chemical reagents can send complete province market of medicine of level of city, county, country continuously. In the meantime, still wait for circumjacent region literary composition to build many 2 grading to send in Heibei, Henan, Shaanxi, Shandong, Inner Mongolia, customer service center, form one class cent to sell, the sth resembling a net of drift net of powerful medicine content that 2 grading send to client of the 3rd terminal, can be provincial deserve to send drug when 600 Yu Jiake threshold.

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