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Think about deepening what current system reforms cigarette
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Editor's note asks according to relevant document of the State Council, surround circuitous trade closely " perfect system mechanism, optimize resource configuration, enhance competitive actual strength, comprehensive promotion level " main task, drive cigarette further current system reform, it is an industry a current strategical the job. National bureau Party school 31 student comprised class of A of term take a refresher course Summer 2007 8 tasks group, reform of current to next cigarette system undertook study deep and discussion. From this period begin, "Jin Xie talks a clump " edition general is divided 8 period the academic article that writes hair task series, learn for everybody and draw lessons from.

Content abstract

Chinese tobacco is executed oneself those who unite is concentration, monopolistic since specializing in administrative system, achieved great progress, the is orientaton with the market reform that began 2003 especially, promoted the productivity of entire industry greatly. Below the premise that holds to monopolistic management system, active play market configures the action of resource, promote the development of productivity further, in order to promote countrywide cigarette " big market, big company, old brand " form. The article tries reform of current to the cigarette that has in recent years system to undertake summing up, make clear the principle of reform, direction and purpose, the key that points out next reform then is the demand that should press current modernization, current to cigarette square respect range undertakes the innovation of system and mechanism, make the development of nicotian industry is full of opportunity of survival and vigor, make nicotian market realizes open, fair, orderly competition, make the demand of consumer gets be satisfactioned further.

The problem of the result that in recent years current system reform obtains cigarette and existence

Carry out a proof, in recent years our country nicotian industry adopts include cigarette current system inside a series of major reform act, to develop infuse vigor. Up to now, current system reform and innovation already obtained apparent effect, volume of cigarette produce and sale rises continuously, economic benefits rises steadily, industry actual strength expands further, overall competition actual strength increases apparently. Specific for, include the following 7 respects.

Current system is straightened basically. Two level of company of head office, province manage, the cigarette of sale of principal part of company of ground city form is current system is basic establish, from go up at all changed the past to be purchased with all possible means, the state with wholesale bull, preliminary implementation current and asset clarity, quick, run smooth cigarette current situation.

Market system is progressively and perfect. Industry establish expand total regulation, directive each district makes cigarette sell network construction and market control program. Up to now, sale of market of countrywide nicotian industry was formed basically materiality and aeriform market, wholesale the situation that develops jointly with retail market. On one hand, formed what be dominant with sale principal part, "Enclothe urban and rural, function high grade and perfect, efficient, economy is practical " contemporary sale network; On the other hand, the development of condition of cigarette management industry of 7 kinds of big when industry place differentiates 21 group is rapid.
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