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Far content sheds Qingdao storage center to lay a foundation in reach start work
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On April 26 morning, far content sheds Qingdao storage center to lay a foundation in reach start working ceremony to be held roundly in new material of new and high area. Hu Shaojun of municipal government deputy mayor, area appoint Liu Shengzhen of vice secretary, acting warden, area appoint Zhang Xitian of members of standing committee, deputy warden, deputy warden Wang Yuanbin, chinese ocean content sheds Yao Gong of vice secretary of limited company Party committee, far content sheds Xu Lanfu of secretary of limited company Party committee in Qingdao, far content sheds storage to deserve to send limited company general manager Zhu Tianling, secretary in Qingdao Li Yu civilian attended a ceremony.

Liu Shengzhen represents a district appoint, Xiang Zhongyuan content sheds district government of Qingdao storage center lay a foundation start working expresses congratulation. She says, city in relief district according to " the annulus bay protection, development that embrace a bay " new requirement, accelerate development aviation ceaselessly content shedding, overland content flows, make the sea hard the subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy of content drift net that Liu Kongli body spends. Far group chooses to be in round ground of new material of new and high area to build storage content to shed a center in, reflected business development with great quantity, atmosphere soul, industry of popularity of round surface features of new material of will great promotion develops a standard. Liu Shengzhen expresses, area appoint, far content sheds district government in will main support project construction, for the enterprise development provides the most excellent service, help a company at an early date operation of put into production.

Hu Shaojun goes out in speaking middle finger, chinese ocean content sheds limited company to choose city this world to establish storage center, the integral development that is sure to shed line of business to modern other people of city in relief district and even Qingdao city rises to urge action actively. In relief district of his hope city and city each are relevant branch, improve investment climate further, expand open to the outside world, investment will start line of business before attracting more business. Yao Gong and Zhu Tianling make a speech in ceremonially respectively, the support that in relief to Qingdao city, city area gives a company and help thanks, express to want construction good, development is very medium far content sheds Qingdao storage center, make larger contribution for the development of society of city in relief district and Qingdao city economy.

Subsequently, hu Shaojun, Liu Shengzhen, Yao Gong, Zhu Tianling started start working pushbutton jointly, lay a foundation for the enterprise together with other leader hill up.

Far content sheds Qingdao storage center to always invest 40 million dollar in, build warehouse 120 thousand square metre, whole project plan is finishing in November 2008. After project building, year turnover will amount to 500 million yuan, become Shandong to save the oldest modern storage other people to shed a center.
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