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Driving oil industry builds the road of informatization conformity
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As the rapid development of Chinese economy, face the challenge of economic globalization and social informatization, energy company also must regard the important step of technical innovation, management innovation and system innovation as informatization, transform traditional management pattern with informatization, increase the integrated competition capacity of the enterprise. Oil industry is high-tech concentrated model industry, with other tradition industry posture is compared, informatization moves in the production of oil industry and is very main effect among management, the rate that informatization implements and executive effect, the competitive ability of oil industry is being affected on very old rate.

At the same time Chinese oil industry is on the safety of the conformity of the efficiency of business, business and production, pressure of susceptive of oil industry place and the challenge that face also are other any industries can not imagine. Oil industry must alter the business form of oneself, competition ability that promotes oneself, must optimize in-house mechanism and flow, strengthen with the partner cooperate, the intellectual structure that update and strengthens employee. Face the market demand of the market environment of intense competition and ten thousand changes in the twinkling of an eye, oil industry must accelerate informatization to build, promote the comprehensive conformity of data resource, manpower resource further, so that capable to make seasonable and accurate response to the market, promote international competition ability.

   The oil industry informatization that advances in the round

In oil news freeway is formed basically, OA all builds in succession, management information system and ERP system development apply, formed efficient information communication platform. Application of ERP of large oil company is ordinal and main distributing to be mixed in financial management, procurement control, production management, inventory management cent sells the field such as management.

Finish as the construction of network of petrifaction gold bridge, petrifaction company headquarters is mixed in subordinate is enterprise or business the wide area newwork that the unit became an organic whole of a heaven and earth repeatedly, it is those who realize information natural resources to deliver, analysis, decision-making offerred a possibility. Petrifaction is carried out in succession in finish and the information system that promotion used sale information to manage system, financial information to manage system of business affairs of system, electron to wait for core business level. From the point of the application of ERP, application of ERP of large petrifaction enterprise is ordinal and main distributing to sell the field such as management and manufacturing management in financial management, inventory management, procurement control, cent.

Face the challenge of WTO and economic globalization, on management, ERP regards a compositive general management information as the system, in oil, medium petrifaction, medium the level of management that sea oil hopes ERP of have the aid of promotes a business in the round, enhance the core competition ability of the enterprise. Oil is mixed in in the Chongzhongzhi that petrifaction regards informatization as to work ERP system construction is heavy. In petrifaction according to " unified program, uniform standard, unified investment, unified construction, centralized management " the principle is in the ERP that complete works group popularizes applied SAP system, pass pilot applying, effect has seen first. ERP builds petrolic to also preparing to start the journey of an ERP that has him distinguishing feature according to overall planning in. Besides what advancing ERP is built, system of conference of company family status, video, email system and the management information system that a few sheet order application had been the informatization of oil company to produce main effect.
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