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Development of Tianjin free tax zone is quickened
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A few days ago, free tax zone of national approval Tianjin creates seaside newly-added district integrated free tax zone. It is reported, integrated free tax zone is located in seaside new developed area content of airport of Tianjin free tax zone sheds treatment division, program area 195.63 hectare, what it assured item of line of general assembly of aircraft of series of empty guest A320 not only is successful carry out, and center of northward to building air-freight, collect aviation industry project, advance development of seaside new developed area to open the stimulative effect with will rise main.

According to give an official of the State Council, integrated free tax zone executes seaside new developed area close management, enjoy policy of as same as the port area that keep tax function and taxation, foreign currency. According to introducing, free tax zone is in charge of appoint custom of meeting, Tianjin and city are in about the branch the requirement of give an official according to the State Council, intensify making integrated free tax zone build executive program, in managing clutch below the premise that uses land resource construction, close to be sealed as early as possible run creation condition.

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