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Development of Tianjin free tax zone is quickened
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Since this year, tianjin free tax zone accelerates development, each economic norms all presents rapid growth state. According to statistic, before two months, use income of foreign capital, finance, custom duty and Dai Zheng foreign capital of the total output value of Tianjin free tax zone, contract, actually investment of duty, sales revenue, fixed assets and photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year all with 30% above add fast progress.

Classics the State Council approved the Tianjin free tax zone that establish on May 12, 1991, be located in in Tianjin harbor port area, develop a face to accumulate 5 square kilometer, it is the free tax zone with Chinese northward the largest scale. Have international trade, modern other people to flow, the treatment that face harbor and commodity are on sale 4 big functions, enjoy the favourable policy such as custom, taxation, foreign currency. Tianjin free tax zone is a target with building contemporary international content to shed a center, develop quickly. According to statistic, up to by this year Feburary, since Tianjin free tax zone builds a division, accumulative total of many 12000 company inside the area finishs Gross National Product one hundred and forteen billion one hundred and seventy-two million yuan, use foreign capital actually 7.181 billion dollar, the fixed assets that finish invests 38.12 billion yuan, implementation finance income twenty billion two hundred and six million yuan, total value of goods of area of pass in and out one hundred and forty billion eight hundred and sixty-four million dollar, turn over to the higher authorities all sorts of taxation ninety-four billion two hundred and eighty-one million yuan. Every square kilometer attracts free tax zone direct investment reachs the foreign trader 1 billion dollar, generation taxation 450 million yuan, it is our country open area capital is spent thick and fast and the area with unit higher benefit.

Pass old exploration to carry out, tianjin free tax zone is characteristic with keeping tax, face harbor to rely on, formed international trade, modern other people to flow to machine industry of 3 big dominant with exit, make the important window that Tianjin city opens to the outside world and new economic point of growth, in area of annulus Bohai Sea and even Chinese north economy grows medium a service, radiate and drive action. Current, many 3000 trading company inside the area, with the world 100 many countries and area maintain commerce contact. Masses of American UPS, Germany, Germany runs quickly, Feng Tian have trade relations of Xie Shuifu of Ma Shiji of mediterranean of Swiss house, Switzerland, Denmark, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong is Oriental abroad, Hong Kong fine in wait for many 500 content that cross a state to shed a business, match deliver goods content to amount to 2000 many breed. There are 62 to invest in free tax zone in 500 strong companies of world. In the meantime, tianjin free tax zone still takes the lead in implementing local legislation, forming the content fluid that two harbor unifinication runs sea air is, become have harbour free tax zone, airport free tax zone, airport to machine content of area, airport to flow area and the content that keep tax sheds garden division " 5 kinds of 3 area, configuration " the new structure that linkage develops.
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