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The content that interlinks course of study flows deserve to send new trend
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Content shedding deserves to send the main base that is chain business development, the unity that content shedding matchs to send and efficiency are in quite the efficiency that decides the move is current on degree, because this content flows,deserve to send a when become chain naturally also to run company core competition ability main component.

   Interlink the main way that business other people spreads

Look from the circumstance of investigation, at present chain business other people flows deserve to send means to have the following kinds:

The first kind is: Build an enterprise to oneself content shedding deserves to send a center. In the world, the delegate business that builds content shedding to deserve to send a center for dominant with large shopkeeper is Woerma. According to concerning a material, at present this company independent investment builds deserve to send a center to have 100 many, press even locksmith on time for our company only need to offer goods, match scale to be as high as oneself most probably above, inside two days can complete filling goods plan smoothly. Additional, the international such as domestic Le Fu, Mai Delong, Xiersi is large shopkeeper, the modern thing that built enterprise interior flows deserve to send a center. Large chain company also builds our country part the thing that has oneself flows deserve to send a center. Its reason is many sided. Among them important is, our country comparatives build on the foundation that chain company of the amount is the deputy food company from the tradition, vegetable company, grain shop and site of other form a complete set, these enterprise oneself have field, establishment, equipment, personnel to wait build the resource that deserves to send a center and base. But from overall look, at present these content spread the one part informatization that deserves to send a center and mechanization level lower, deserve to send efficiency not quite tall also.

The 2nd kind is: By the supplier acting content flows, deserve to send into travel commodity directly by the supplier namely. This kind deserves to send means to be applied commonly at certain sheet inn runs variety more, and certain goods purchases dimensions bigger and the supplier deserves to send ability stronger supermarket, for example of home a few sell field and integrated supermarket company greatly. These enterprises decide unified supplier by headquarters commonly, shop wants money to the supplier, distribute goods to send shop directly by the supplier.

The 3rd kind is: tripartite content sheds have the aid of. In recent years, because international is current industry competition is more and more intense, large shopkeeper tries a few international stage by stage base oneself upon advocate already battalion, go specialization the road of development, sort the thing of this enterprise stage by stage deserve to send business to entrust the content that specializations socially to flow deserve to send a company, trend of this kind of development is clearer and clearer. For example 7-11 convenience inn of Japan and Yi cane foreign Hua Tang, United States' numerous monomer supermarket. Be in Japan especially, the retailing shop that monomer runs dispersedly occupies the 90% above of shop gross about, stem from competitive need, these retailing shops basically rely on commodity of travel of inpour of tripartite content to deserve to send.
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