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tripartite content sheds medicine gain transition promotion still needs time
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tripartite content sheds medicine the possibility that deserves to send got effective test and verify in practice, but whether popularize quickly in the whole nation, at present the general point of view inside course of study is " more difficult " .

"Our plan uses 3 years of time, make service of network rise in value and content shed the income that deserves to send a service to take an in part each. " when Hangzhou state amounts to content to shed Sun Zhen of limited company general manager to accepted a reporter to interview in Zhejiang Hangzhou a few days ago, express so. In the service of network rise in value that he alludes " network " , included electronic business affairs and network of the 3rd terminal double meaning.

  Service appreciation

The reporter understands, as home the first also be at present a major is engaged in only the business that medical content sheds, the content that Hangzhou state amounts to content to shed limited company flows deserve to sent the 3rd terminal that already saved to Zhejiang to undertake be enclothinged completely. The maturity of this one network, attracted numerous medicine not only industrial and commercial enterprise makes the product deserve to send by its, also make state amounts to the opinion that produced to offer appreciation to serve, won the support of co-worker.

"Through medicine tripartite content flows, our product is OK ground of door face each other sends to Zhejiang in greener of provincial basic level cure. " Jiangxi expresses when the collaboration that Ms. Chen Chuanying reviews Tian Shikang vise general manager a few years to be amounted to with state, she special the development perspective that values tripartite content to flow.

Last year September, the orgnaization of business affairs of the electron that amount to a predestined relationship that amounts to content shedding at Hangzhou state independently holds water formally, drug information announces plan general to go up at the net. If say, the country before this matchs those who send a network the system to build the product that realized modern other people to flow to flow, so, what new electronic business affairs should do is iformation flow and finance affairs those who flow is expedite.

Carry a network, medicine is industrial and commercial the enterprise can announce all medical variety, and include each large hospital, chemist's shop inside each terminal, can purchase on the net directly, order, tripartite content sheds enterprise basis order to finish deserve to send. Upriver supplier masters the terminal flow direction of the product directly, purchase terminal to be able to get more product information downstream, what realize iformation flow then is expedite.

Additional, the butt joint of electronic business affairs and bank system, realized the network that swims up and down to pay a function, shed finance affairs get through. And be in before, basic level doctor buys Zhang money of medicine to be able to hold state in the palm to amount to such tripartite content to shed company generation to be handed in to local bank, alleviated the awkward situation with the higher than received payment for goods cost of gathering of the basic level below drug production company.
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