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Entrance Qing Dynasty involves flow and main program
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1, affirm order. Contract. Deliver goods date

Affirm order -- affirm goods value, money amount.

Affirm a contract -- those who affirm good contract clinch a deal clause, deliver goods finally quantity, goods price, give carry sailing date the latest.

2, announcement home acts as agent, connection goods is acting

Inform home of the representative, generation of connection home goods prepares clear to pass only card. Qing Dynasty passes only card: B/L, bill, container load plan, contract, card of country of origin, qualitative check certificate, the statement that pack (only evidence wants the name of an article with specific basis, entrance country specific and calm)

3, Qing Dynasty involves technological process

Change sheet -- go to goods generation or ship company changing autograph D/O. (will decide according to the bill of lading in the hand is to go to where to change sheet. Bill of lading of ship-owner of M B/L of acting bill of lading of H B/L goods)

The electron is declared -- computer is recorded beforehand, careful sheet, send, contact with custom / discharged.

Newspaper check -- after the electron declares discharged, by customs declaration the one couplet in 4 couplet goes the Commodity Inspection Bureau deals with quote formalities, piece close sheet or strike 3 check rule.

The spot hands over sheet -- custom spot hands over sheet (what need only evidence to request an audience this board piece elite is stuck)

Check -- the superintendency condition that custom declares the name of an article according to goods, with check probability to give that day check, if have,check can leave piece check advice note

Discharged -- customs clearance has the following move: 1, discharged 2, go out to check advice note or be not had check direct 2 discharged 3, after checking, do close the discharged after sealing.

4, carry

Before carrying, need to notice whether the Commodity Inspection Bureau is opened move defend check to examine connection by. If have,move defend examination test, need to shift to an earlier date half weekday makes an appointment. Move defend examination check to need go checking, escape the cost that check place produces is RMB2-5 ten thousand occasional suspends its unit signing up for check qualification. Motorcade needs to discharge plan of pick up the goods in port area, be like: Port area plan, tally, the plan that put case. General situation is to shift to an earlier date a weekday discharges a plan.

5, put in storage. Cent is sold

Storage of the arrangement after consignee gets goods, cent spends a fortune. Send revenue to touch duty sheet deduct value added tax. Entrance custom superintendency goods is superintended in its must not make over inside deadline, if need,make over need to be declared again to custom.

Basic course


1, the regulation that exports the consignor of goods to export a contract in the basis, on time, after pressing goods of neat export of the qualitative, equipment that press a quantity, ought to deal with chartering to order cabin formalities to the transport company namely, preparation deals with entry to custom, or entrust major (representative) declare at customs the company deals with entry.
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