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The operating sequence that custom checks
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(After 1) custom is checked certainly, accept the order by the spot the member that close is printed " check requisition " , make when necessary check customs examination to seal hand in the member that declare at customs.

(2) arrangement examines a plan. Prove the specific time that hears post arrangement to check by spot custom, arranged that day commonly the following day examine a plan.

(When 3) custom checks goods, the member that the consignee of import content, consignor that exports goods or its accredit declare at customs ought to show up, responsible assistance is moved move goods, leave to tear open and weigh those who seal goods to pack. Custom thinks when necessary, can diameter opens check, answer check to perhaps collect sample all right.

(After 4) examines an end, be in by the member that accompany a person " examine record sheet " on autograph, affirm.

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