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Boat generation exports flow
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Exit flow
1, export boat archives file build:
Before shipping accepts calm cabin, build file of exit boat archives, content: Boat name, the number of voyages or flights, predict to leave harbor date.
2, board of field station receipt makes:
Receipt of ① field station (add up to 11 couplet) by consignor or its precatory acting board of one class commodity is made.
② orders cabin:
Export receipt of station of field of division examine and verify, if can accept calm cabin, of attendant station receipt the 5th, 6, 7, only evidence of 8 couplet upper cover is special chapter, the 2nd couplet takes a heart, of the others return the person that order cabin.
The field station receipt that person of suitcase of box canal branch offers the 5th couplet and suitcase requisition, the autograph gives out buccal container equipment to hand over sheet. Suitcase person hands over one-way collect to install empty eontainers storage yard to extract the empty eontainers that exit uses by export facilities.
3, chapter of case, lid entering the arena:
Case may be present station or consignor factory / storehouse, case hind should make container load plan.
After goods case, answer container to apply lead sealing, and box number, lead sealing is good, deliver goods a number fill enter station receipt 6, 7, in 8 couplet.
The dock that exports serious case to pull custom to superintend / after field station, dock / field station is attendant Zhang Hetian of 6 couplet upper cover entering the arena writes station receipt date.
4, board makes distribute detailed list beforehand:
Accept after ordering cabin, according to the content of field station receipt the container that make distributes detailed list beforehand, press with dock / the concerned unit such as dock sends before the time begin navigation of ship company business, so that dock arranges shipping,deserve to carry.
5, accept container load plan:
The person that order cabin hands over container load plan buccal division, exit division checks the box of container load plan the content of the 6th couplet does not have the content such as date of date of good, lead sealing, bill of lading and field station receipt consistently by accident hind, shipping order of the 6th couplet builds attendant station receipt declare special rule.
6, declare at customs:
Him consignor or entrust declare at customs declare at customs all right.
7, board makes exit manifest:
Exit manifest is made before ship set sail finish, out worker conduction shipping leaves the one Wu that offer a ship formalities of harbor customs clearance.
8, lading:
The 6th couplet arranges the field station receipt that dock needs the Gai Youhai that must offer according to ordering cabin person closes discharged chapter container cargo lading.
9, shipping leaves port:
After loading ends, the out worker sheds one division to deal with shipping to leave procedures of harbor customs clearance to content.
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