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The acting knowledge of 8 big money that novice veteran sees surely
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1, CY-FO clause: FO but commentate it is ship company for Free Out or meaning of Free Over Side=Free Overboard (Carrier) the discharge boat cost of not responsible POD. This clause is commonly used at going middle east, Xiyade is the out-of-the-way harbor of the area, small harbor (Side Ports " small harbor " ) ; if: Haifa sea hair, Ashdod A Si Dude (above 2 harbor all of Israel Israel) , Izmir Yicimier (Turkey) , Istanbul Istanbul (Turkey) , Beirut Beirut (Lebanon Lebanon) , Benghazi class, yudexi: Mediterranean on the west bank)

Have CY-TKL additionally (=CY-TACKLE) =CY-Hook (Note: Hook of → of Tackle condole rope; Hook goods hook, hook) , shipboard (boat) the edge delivers the goods, ship company is not in charge of discharge boat cost. As similar as CY-FO, it is only CY-FO is multi-purpose at middle east, on the west inferior area

Note: Little part company still has CY-LO article (like H&T) it and CY-FO are similar, it is the habit calls a law to differ only just. Have CY-LO of character of little part person comfortable without giving thought to,at the bulk cargo, discharge boat that ark spells after reaching destination port cost reachs the Carrier entirely such as the pierage, cost that tear open ark

2, " double to pay " : The O/F that Orwarder pays 窮 Carrier (Ocean Freight) with Shipper (" client " ) the O/F that pays Forwarder all pays to arrive " arrive beforehand " : Show Forwarder pays Carrier to be Prepaid(pp) means; And Shipper pays Forwarder, pay CC to arrive (Collect) . Ship company does not agree to pay commonly.

3, to DG (Dangerous Goods or DC: Dangerous Cargo) use more " carry now " namely Alongside Delivery. Say again " free alongside ship " (point to POD ship side) . Because a lot of dock do not allow DG within harbor long stay

4, Via (=by Way Of =care Of =C/O) by:
E.g. Goods of ① Shipment From Keelung To NYK Via Panama Canal lades surely Yu Congji grand (TWN) sail through Panama Canal the shipping toward NYK or above English also can compose: Shipment From Keelung Via Panama Canal To NYK (NYK Yu Meidong)

② Shipment From Shanghai To Detroit (Detroit, at beautiful inland) Via LA (Yu Meixi WC) mean: At the train turning to carry to Detroit after LA discharge boat

③ Shipment From Shenzhen To Seattle (W.C) Via Land-Bridge (overbridge) In Bond To Boston (E.C. ) . Goods is in W.C. Land bridge of the by after boat of Xi Yatu discharge is protecting duty to fall, carry comes E.C. Bostonian (In Bond keeps tax, in order to maintain duty pattern. Alleged " keep tax " it is of short duration does not meet custom duty namely, wait for goods to arrive after destination hand in again "

④ Shipment From Huangpu To Dallas (Dalasi, at beautiful inland) , the city name that Texas(Dallas is in) Via O.C.P. Long Beach, calif. (senior bank: At W.C. The city that California is in for LB) the train is used to use OCP to carry a clause to carry after goods Yu Xian grows bank discharge boat to Dallas
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