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Freightage representative agreement
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Party A: Shanghai Hua Tongbo silver trades market limited company

Party B:

In view of Shanghai China the silver that connect platinum trades the market is the silver that the whole nation appoints exclusively trades the market, the heavy goods electron that the market uses a country to release trades the standard undertakes operational, the Chinese silver net that relies on the market to found undertakes the electron is changed trade, party A is accountability supervise and management deals business is in of our market trade process. To realize the systematization that the market runs, party A accepts the market to trade the commission of business, carry relevant matters concerned with respect to silver, as trade the agent of business and Party B reach following agreements:

One, Party A acceptance already got before signing this agreement Shanghai Hua Tongbo silver trades the market is existing trade the accredit of business (see accredit a power of attorney) , be in trade this agreement is signed with Party B inside the accredit limits of business.

2, to be about to join Shanghai Hua Tongbo silver trades of the market trade business, party A acceptance is in with trade business signs " trade into city agreement " inside get should trading the accredit with same a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale.

3, Party B agrees with Party A to regard as join Party A to trade the silver of the market trades the agent of business and Party B sign this agreement.

4, Party A trades business agrees to will connect platinic silver to trade in Shanghai China the partial silver that the market delivers the goods entrusts Party B to carry.

5, carriage means:

Aviation is carried, inside city short refute.

6, carriage price:

The principle presses Jiayi both sides is collective and written affirm (highway, airborne charge) to allow (see accessory one) , be like,meet special condition (but not be confined to) national freight rate is adjusted, both sides can talk things over separately adjust freight rate.

7, safe

Insurance premium and insurance premium assume: In silver carriage process (fingernail just trades the destination that business trades to appoint to Party A since the land of pick up the goods that business designates stops) silver is safe, deal with by Party B full-fledged member (namely Party B is policy-holder, party A trades business or Party A trade the consignee that business appoints is insurant and beneficiary beneficiary) , insurance premium trades by Party A business is assumed (whether to need what business fills in every time to be sure to inspect Party A to trade " entrust carry to be defeated hand over sheet " and calm) .

8, the settle accounts of freight, insurance premium and pay:

(encounter the holiday postpone that reachs national regulation on the weekend) as on the settle accounts day of lunar happening charge, party A reachs insurance premium bill by the freight of Party B within 3 weekday for you Party A trades the freight that business pays the month on Party B to happen and insurance premium.
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