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Freight representative is commonly used spoken English
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In Consideration Of Your Extensive Experience In The Field, we Are
Glad To Appoint You As Our Agent.

Im Entitled To Being Appointed As Your Agent.

I have authority to be appointed to be you to act as agent.

We Keep A Stock In London And Act As Distributors As Well As Agents.

We have stock in London and classics sale carry out holds concurrently do a representative.

We Are Decided To Entrust You With The Sole Agency For Cars.

We decide to entrust you to regard us as the sole agent of the car.

Thank You For Your Proposal Of Acting As Our Agent.

Thank the proposal that you act as agent as us.

If We Come To Terms, wll Appoint You As Our Agent.

If come to an agreement, we will appoint you to be our representative.

We Wish To Handle As An Agent The Goods You Are Exporting.

We are willing to hold the position of you to export the representative of commodity.

We Can Play An Important Part As A Buying Agent In Your Overseas Trade.

We are holding the position of you the import of overseas trade has main effect in the representative.

Wre In A Position To Take Good Care Of Your Import Business As A Buying Agent.

We can be lost the blame that puts a representative is bought in rising to import business as you.

Please Get In Touch With Our Agents For The Supply Of The Goods You Require.

The goods that you need, contact with our representative please.

Wll Leave Aside The Problem Of Agency Until Next Week.

We lay aside acting problem temporarily.

Wre Not Prepared To Take The Agency Into Consideration For The Time Being.

At present we still do not prepare to consider acting issue.

We Wont Consider Agency In Your Market At Present.

We take no account of the acting problem in your area market at present.

We Have To Decline Your Proposal Of Acting As Our Sole Agency.

We must decline the proposal that you regard us as the sole agent.

I Think It Premature For Us To Discuss The Question Of Agency.

I think to discuss acting problem premature now.

Unless You Increase The Turnover, we Can Hardly Appoint You As Our Sole Agent.

Unless you increase turnover, otherwise the sole agent that we cannot appoint you to serve as us.

Dont You Think The Annual Turnover For A Sole Agent Is Rather Conservative?

Will tell to the sole agent, such year of sale, don't you think too conservative?

It Was Two Years Ago That We Made Them Our Sole Agent.

We hold the post of them to be our sole agent in two years of the front committees.
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