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A few simple marine money acting knowledge
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Ship company - Carrier, namely carrier, be in charge of carrying goods to another haven from a haven, earn his sea freight.

Consignor - Shipper, namely consignor, oneself goods, company of resign to ship, by ship company carry arrives destination, give consignee.

Consignee - Consignee, namely consignee, sit in the home to receive the money of consignor, of course, get consignor money.

Like writing a composition, 3 element are complete now, so simple.

Marine essence is the process that consignor relegates ship company to give consignee freight. To undertake exclusive designation to goods, still need to know:

Boat - Ship, namely boat, cent is mixed for container ship medicinal powder groceries boat, here lifts container boat only, every boat name of a boat, for instance " galactic date " .

The number of voyages or flights - Voyage, resemble the number of the train a bit, but the number of voyages or flights happens only, resemble Tie Dani date can maiden boat is once same.

Bill of lading - B/L, namely Bill Of Lading, it is the credential of pick up the goods, each pieces of bill of lading has number of a bill of lading.

This about the same. Nevertheless, because ocean is carried,involve the trade between country and country, still do not have so so simple.

Return so that then the noun explains:

The boat is acting - boat of responsible connection side leans to dock, be in charge of the life dietetic hygiene during draw close the shore of one ship crew, be in charge of contacting loading discharging.

Goods is acting - responsible side consignor goes up goods outfit to the boat, the company that freight calls representative, marine representative on the street is goods generation almost.

Involve 3 check - custom, trade supervision, defend be careful in one's conduct, use plant check. 3 check should incorporate one check, did not know to close, perhaps the name cries " 3 check bureau " .

Storage yard - the place that goods outfit takes container. Miserable is: Also be the place that steals the person that ferry to hide into container.

Ah, still the top carries main dock company on the head, be in charge of offerring dock to give a boat draw close the shore, loading discharging. Dock company general be subordinate to of home belongs to port office, mix in this locality only. For instance Dalian, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Qingdao, Shanghai, Guangzhou. Nevertheless, small preterhuman father Li Jiacheng, of open and remember company of Huang Bu dock, not only be in Hong Kong is the old, and had stretched the leg to Shanghai and Panama.

Consignor connection arrives acting, or goods generation contacts consignor, begin from a piece of a power of attorney, marine began truly. Consignor entrusts goods generation, state goods takes the place of to will want to represent consignor and dock, boat henceforth namely acting, close contact with of 3 check, storage yard, side consignor pays marine fee, help the cost before consignor makes a boat. Ah, resemble emigrant company a bit? Look then, can know emigrant company has many black.
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