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Goods acting actual combat signs up for valence skill
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At a loose end also is at a loose end, the business is done hard again, capture of with great difficulty is worn a client, which can let him run easily?

Want to sign up for a price for certain above all. The measure basis of quote client ask dish the case will judge, groovy product price is medium, taste newly slant slightly on.

The first time contact, had better not use " Quote " so normal term will quote, of mention lightly " Price " sufficient, do not appear even Yi Ke of Price model of written characters.

Key: Must leave a tail to come " angle " client.

1, stipulate a lowest orders goods quantity (after regarding as one of chip of argy-bargy) .

2, the most important, the specification should complement from the back, "Afore-mentioned prices are reference. If you can understand, according to ordering goods time of quantity, delivery is mixed of payment different, the price can have very big distinction----Can have the discount that is as high as 10% even sometimes. " Yun Yun- - of course this is empty.

3, outside dividing quoted price, it is as far as possible in the letter in reply attach a few data about the product, for instance picture of the circumstance that pack, container circumstance, product is waited a moment.

Our concept is, give a client an idea about the price above all, and the fundamental condition about the product, make a client intense feel contact with you, no matter whether clinch a deal to be able to know product news, "Be worth to contact " . Next, below the situation that does not understand client psychology price in you, quote while the interest that keeps bargain to the client and space.

Manage together with fishing, both neither can cast bait in vain only, also cannot frosty swing an empty fishhook to go.

Anyhow, the first time with client contact with, clinching a deal is the 2nd, economize to avoid running short, try to arouse a client " maintain connection " the desire just is the mainest.

P.S. : So called clear purpose, cannot sit the client such as move doing expresses " clear purpose " , want to try to bring a client to speak his purpose.

For instance, after general ground signs up for a Fob price, tell a client " the destination port that informs your place need please, I very be happy price of a Cnf gives convert you make reference " or " tell time of the your potential amount that order and delivery please, I look to whether can give you a good value or discount " .

When after the client gives you these data, you are OK ground of be perfectly justifiable is taking whereaboutldirection boss ask for instructions.

Otherwise the clerk became sandwich biscuits: The boss does not quote, the client does not give " intent " ; The client does not leak a detailed information, the boss does not agree again release what is held. The business with respect to refuse to budge.

Become a clerk, not only should fight with the client, follow boss deal with even, but cannot foolish wait for an opportunity Oh.
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