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The 6 sort of inventory
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Inventory is the investment with a very high price, no matter be,content sheds a business, be known correctly and building an active inventory management to plan is very those who be necessary. Differ as a result of generated matter, can be stock component the following 6 sort: Periodic inventory, in road inventory, safe inventory (or buffer stock) , investment inventory, seasonal inventory, unused inventory.

Periodic inventory -- the inventory of the generation in filling goods process, periodic inventory uses the requirement below contented and affirmatory condition, the premise that its generate is the enterprise can cast demand and filling money time correctly.

In road inventory - - be in the article in carriage course to another place from a place. Before reaching destination, can the one part that will regard as periodic inventory in road inventory. Those who need an attention is, when the consideration that has inventory hold cost, should will be being regarded in road inventory is the inventory that carries land setting out. Because be in,the article of road still cannot be used, sell or deliver goods at any time.

Safe inventory (or buffer stock) - - because produce demand to existing uncertainty, the enterprise needs the safe inventory beyond hold cycle inventory or buffer stock. Hold the person of this viewpoint thinks the average stock level of the enterprise should is equal to generally order goods the half of batch increases safe reserve.

Investment inventory - - hold investment inventory is not to satisfy current requirement, stem from other reason however, because rise in price,be like, stock is in short supply or be to prevent the inventory of the corner such as the strike.

Seasonal inventory - - a kind of form that seasonal inventory is investment inventory, those who point to is the stock that before manufacturing season begins, accumulates, the purpose depends on making sure steady labour force and stable production run.

Unused inventory - - the inventory that points to nonexistent inside certain and specific time demand.

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