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The property of international freightage and characteristic
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One, international freightage is a kind of aeriform international trade

(one) the concept of international freightage

Carry carry an object with respect to its for, cent is freightage and passenger transportation, and from freightage for, can differentiate to be mixed for domestic freightage by district again international freightage two kinds big. International freightage, namely between country and country and country, area carry. International freightage can be divided again be carried for international trade goods and materials and be not commerce goods and materials (wait like goods and materials of things of baggage of exhibit, individual, office, aid foreign) carry two kinds. The carriage as a result of the blame commerce goods and materials in international freightage often is the accessary business of carriage branch of commerce goods and materials only, so, international freightage is called normally international trade is carried, from one country for, it is foreign trade carry, abbreviation foreign trade is carried.

(2) the property that international trade transports

In international trade, the price of commodity is including the freight rate of commodity, the freight rate of commodity has larger proportion in the price of commodity, generally speaking, occupy 10 % about; In some commodity, should occupy 30 % ~ 40 % . The freight rate of commodity also is mixed the manufacturing price of commodity is same, change as market supply demand relations and around move value fluctuation is fluctuant. The freight rate of commodity enters the trade in the international market together as the corporeal configuration of commodity, the change of commodity freight rate affects the change of price of international trade commodity directly. And the main target of international freightage is international trade commodity, can say so, international freightage namely a kind of international trade, just the commodity that what it uses at exchange is not corporeal configuration, however a kind of special commodity, namely the displacement of goods. So-called goods freight rate, namely its commutative value.

From this, we can reach a such conclusion: For the angle from commerce, international freightage is a kind of aeriform international trade.
2, the characteristic of international freightage

International freightage is the carriage between country and country, country and area, compare with domestic freightage photograph, it has the following main characteristics:

(one) international freightage involves international concern issue, it is the activity of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals with very strong sex of a policy

International freightage is a component of international trade, in the course that organizes freightage, need often produces direct or indirect extensive business connection with abroad, this kind of connection is not only economically, often also can involve the political issue between international, it is the activity of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals with very strong sex of a policy. Accordingly, international freightage since an economy activity, also be a significant external affairs activity, this asks we want to conduct each business with economic viewpoint not only, and should have policy idea, according to our country external the requirement of policy is engaged in international carrying business.
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