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Hunan Province is accelerated make first project machine super industry
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Project machine is speed of the development in domain of Hunan Province industry ability of the fastest, innovation the industry with the biggest potential of the strongest, development, it is the industry that manufacturing industry of Hunan Province equipment has an advantage most in line of business of 12 whole subsidiary bank. Recently, the Changsha project machine that couplet weighs intelligence of division, 31 heavy industry, the land of country to be a delegate in walks along own innovation road to revitalize the experience of ethical industry, the height that caused Wen Jiabao, Zhang Dejiang, Liu Yandong leader central and relevant ministries and commissions takes seriously, national industry and informatization ministry preparation held manufacturing industry of our country equipment in Changsha this year in November communication of experience of own innovation spot is met. Take the opportunity, hunan Province is declared actively to industry and informatization ministry, strive for label Changsha base of industry of Chinese project machinery, make Changsha project machine rises to the strategic level that national industry economy grows from level of province advantage industry, very be helpful for Hunan Province the formation of first super industry, have very important strategy sense to advancing the new-style industrialization of Hunan characteristic quickly.

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One, project machine is one of industries with the rapiddest rate of my province development. Machine of Hunan Province project has dimensions above company 37, industry total assets 42.5 billion yuan, from personnel of course of study 37878 people; can produce 13 kinds big, 120 many group, the product of 600 many breed. Arrived 2002 2007, couplet group came true with 31 groups in advocate business Wu income spans from what go to 10 billion yuan 1 billion yuan, go to implementation 20 billion yuan by 10 billion yuan again this year span. Arrived 2002 5 years of time 2007, gross value of industrial output of company of dimensions of machine of Hunan Province project is added by 3.6 billion yuan reach 25.2 billion yuan, grew nearly 6 times; advocate business Wu income is added by 3.2 billion yuan reach 26.1 billion yuan, grew tax of profit of 7 times much; to be added by 572 million yuan reach 7.488 billion yuan, grow profit of 12 times much; to be added by 367 million yuan reach 6.048 billion yuan, grow 15 times much.

2, project machine is one of industries with the strongest capability of innovation of domain of Hunan Province industry. "15 " since, hunan Province engineering is mechanical each are large and medium-sized the enterprise increased investment of research and development generally, the R&D value of the industry had been achieved 2007 4% , a few enterprise achieves 7% above. Build early or late inside the industry removed center of technology of 6 center of technology of business of 3 states level, provincial companies and 7 postdoctoral workstation. Give priority to body with the enterprise, the market is oriented, produce the own innovation system that learns to grind to be united in wedlock preliminary form, obtained large quantities of one scientific research positive result. Heavy division of the couplet in be like obtains positive result of 1300 multinomial scientific research early or late, chair make (long) order country and occupation standard 307 second, the significant level that using at present 187. Only 31 heavy industry, medium the national patent that 4 enterprises have intelligence of couplet heavy division, the land of country and group of river the foot of mountain at present amounts to 786. Production value of industry new product grows quickly, rate of new product production value comes by the 20.32% rapid promotion 2005 44.61% 2007, line of business of person of the same trade of whole nation of tower above of rate of production value of new 2007 product is average level 10 percent.
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