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Far content flows in Xinjiang to invest 100 million yuan to build 3 integrated c
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On September 8 morning, hall of traffic of The Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and Chinese ocean content shed limited company, sign Xinjiang jointly modern other people sheds course of study to expand cooperative framework agreement. Chinese ocean content sheds limited company to will invest 100 million yuan, in Xinjiang plan and construction 3 integrated content shed garden division, be located in fruit of assorted of Urumqi, noise made in coughing or vomiting, suddenly Er respectively this port, raise running water of Xinjiang area content to make the same score thereby.

Xinjiang is located in Eurasia mid, motherland western borderland, land gross area kilometer of 1.66 million square, 1/6 what occupy countrywide gross area about. Reserve of oil, natural gas, coal, nonferrous metal is very substantial, also be the significant production base of national commissariat, cotton at the same time. The 8 countries border on such as Si Tan of periphery and Mongolia country, Russia, Kazakstan, Jierjisisitan, Dajikesitan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, ancient the Silk Road and bridge of new Asia-Europe mainland traverse a thing, have good ground reason and resource advantage.

Chinese ocean content sheds limited company is ocean of China of 500 strong companies carries the world (group) the professional other people with subordinate head office sheds a company, it is our country's oldest tripartite other people sheds a business. Far content flows in by right of internationalization network dominant position, developed home appliance content of content shedding, car flows, power thing flows, chemical content flows, can exhibit content shedding, retail trade content to flow, it is important to carried out a country effectively the content of 818 projects sheds strategic goods and materials carriage task, in the car content of content shedding, home appliance flows, nuclear energy content sheds a domain to occupy position of domestic industry bibcock.

Current, xinjiang shares business of international road freightage 64, international freight traffic 2828; Open freight transport of nonstop international road to lose line with 5 circumjacent countries such as Kazakstan Si Tan early or late 50, preliminary already formed with bilateral it is ligament with multilateral agreement, with the edge Bian Dazhong city is node, it is forward position with border land port, to circumjacent country radiant mutiple level, all-around international road carries a network, it is carriage circuitry of countrywide enlightened international the province area with the longest course of development of use of most, battalion.

Both sides signs an agreement, aim to build development Xinjiang modern other people sheds cooperative concern, strengthen the information communication of consultative both sides, compositive and various resource, promote each other, form the development phase with harmonious and consistent, complementary advantage. Bilateral with advancing a The Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region jointly modern other people sheds industrial health to be able to develop in order continuously for the target, improve Xinjiang content to shed infrastructure construction further, raise content to spread informatization level, breed the contemporary thing that has advantage of international market competition to shed an enterprise to be entered in all hand in hand.
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