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Lot of golden dragon car makes an appointment with Power WMS
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Autograph of Inc. of group of automobile of Xiamen gold dragon made an appointment with content of limited company of science and technology of software of Shanghai division arrow to flow on August 26, 2008 supply chain solution - Power WMS™ storage runs a system, for its antenatal deserves to send, after international content sheds center and carry out, deserve to send content shedding to offer complete supply catenary solution.

Inc. of group of automobile of Xiamen gold dragon (predecessor is company of Xiamen auto industry) found 1988, changed 1992 make for the joint stock company, company stock hanged out his shingle in Shanghai stock exchange 1993 appear on the market (stock abbreviation: Golden dragon car, negotiable securities code: 600686) . End by 2007, company total capital stock is 443 million yuan, total assets 6.75 billion yuan, net assets 1.34 billion yuan.

The company is dominant industry with the production of big, medium, light-duty passenger car and sale, xiamen gold dragon is had to combine limited company of caravan of auto industry limited company, Xiamen Jin Long, Jin Long to combine auto industry below the banner (Suzhou) the passenger car such as limited company is truckload production enterprise and automobile body of Jin Long car, air conditioning, rubber-plastic, electric equipment, , form part truckload with the Jin Long that component makes the passenger car produces a system, the product covers 4.8 meters to reach 18 meters each model passenger car, apply extensively at passenger transport, travel, public transportation wait for the market. Main product " golden dragon passenger car " , " golden passenger car " and " sea division passenger car " it is Chinese car industry 3 old brands, all be judged to be " product of Chinese famous brand " , "KINGLONG " brand is judged to be Chinese well-known logo, golden dragon product is awarded national exporter to taste qualification of exempt from examinations, center of technology of group of golden dragon automobile is maintained to be center of national level technology to wait. Group of golden dragon automobile passes development of 20 years, become the bibcock company of Chinese car industry.

In recent years, shanghai division arrow relies on the investment of research and development that increases ceaselessly, enterprising of meaning of catenary domain acute is supplied in automobile industry, obtain great achievements of again and again. At present the supply of Shanghai division arrow the successful client of the solution still includes chain Hua Chen car, library rich car, division the international home car such as develop of bright forklift, Suofeima, luck, Aikeji is truckload reach component company.

Golden dragon passenger car expresses, "We choose Shanghai division arrow finally not just because characteristic of industry of Power WMS™ system is bright, mature reliable, agile use easily, the experience of a lot of industry that values Shanghai division arrow to supply catenary field place to accumulate in the car more.
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