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PFS will cast 240 million dollar to be in build cold chain content greatly to sh
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The substance that Shenzhen develops flourishingly sheds course of study to will receive another heavyweight business. Yesterday, deputy mayor Zhang Saiping interviewed the 2nd big cold chain of American president of company of PFS(Preferred Freezer Services) of supplier of content shedding service holds president concurrently John Gary. Gary expresses, PFS evens more investment 240 million dollar builds content of operation cold chain to shed storehouse in Shenzhen.

Zhang Saiping invests Shenzhen to express to welcome ardently to PFS. He says, shenzhen is a modern new-style city, content abortion course of study is one of industries of 4 big pillar of Shenzhen, line of business of Shenzhen harbor ship developeds, have numerous tripartite content sheds a business, the thing that has modernization sheds infrastructure, municipal government gave to the development of content shedding course of study support energetically and policy privilege, the affiliation of PSF serves the refrigeratory of perfect Shenzhen catenary, also will win good investment get one's own back.

Gary discloses, PFS had reached abecedarian framework agreement with saline harbor group, the construction inside garden area will flow to be in cold chain content to shed storehouse in saline harbor content, take an examination of and other places of cropland of river of the hill austral examine, clear water, slope in the near future after the dot, reelection choose builds cold chain content to shed storehouse to two place.

The PFS that held water 1989 is the whole world at present content of the 4th big cold chain sheds service business, extending the business domain in the Asia actively. PFS plans to be in China each big coastal city builds a fluid of giant cold chain content is, already built content of 3 department cold chain to shed storehouse about in Shanghai autograph now.

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