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Grind SOM-4430 of module of ETX of Hua Chao low power comsumption is patulous ne
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As the whole world banner industrial computer platform serves a supplier, grind China through exceeding SoC of low power comsumption (chip system) solution - SOM-4430 expanded further ETX CPU module. New ETX CPU module is used grind China the power comsumption that exceeded EVA-X4300 SoC of low power comsumption to achieve lowest to be less than 5 tile, achieved the perfect balance of computational function. SOM-4430 follows ETX standard appearance, but because memory solders directly,be on circuit board, because this had good vibration isolation performance. The support plate that is aimed at specific applying can let embedded the application that compositive business concentrates main energy at oneself is characteristic, save the overall design of 80% and workload of research and development thereby. SOM-4430 the price with having appeal extremely, make the SoC solution of lowest of the power comsumption on the market.

Power comsumption the calm fan of the SOM-4430 under 5 tile is low framework of EVA-X4300 of calorific design profit from, this framework is inside course of study every made of baked clay character of service is very excellent. EVA-X4300 SoC contains CPU, " compositive " boreal bridge and south the bridge, ensured optimum behavior and efficiency of the largest space. SOM-4430 provided powerful compatibility and rich I/O function, supportable port of 4 USB 2.0, support VGA, TTL LCD and 2 COM port and an IDE port, completely compatible also of course at ETX, and support PCI and ISA completely also. SOM-4430 has 64/128 MB memory, and direct solder receives memory board it is better with ensuring to go up fight brace up function, this makes its make the good choice of harsh environment and application, for example factory automation, data is collected and device control character.

SOM-4430 can provide completely traditional ISA support, seeking the price to those reasonable, have the client that exceeds solution of module of ETX CPU of low power comsumption for, this is perfect undoubtedly replace an option. All SOM-ETX board in according with European Union RoHS to dictate, concern more environmental protection ground is made and reclaim the regulation of the product. SOM-4430 is a kind of solution that can expand, saved design and development cost already, reduced again overall have cost and accelerated a product to appear on the market time. Can offer module of ETX CPU of SOM-4430 low power comsumption now board, contact the sale agency of your place please about detailed information.

Grind China SOM-4430 major attribute

Exceed low power comsumption (4 tile)

Better fight brace up ability (solder is received board the 64/128 MB memory that go up)

Board on support grinds China EVA-X4300 SoC

Support TTL LCD
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