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Love is achieved hand in hand group of trade of invincible might drug makes home
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This net appeals to judge: On August 8, 2008, one allows world people's unforgettable time, accompanying the 29th Olympic Games to be held in the victory of Beijing, through intense competition, this day, the label in loving to achieve a success restricts group of trade of invincible might drug, become product line of country's at present biggest medicines and chemical reagents to endow with a systematic solution project, project one-time implementation 13 product line endow with a requirement in the round, form the linkage of data with platform of net of national medicine inspect, the superintendency of the country that finish asks, realized an enterprise to produce content to shed informatization at the same time.

Group of trade of invincible might drug is the lead company of Chinese modern Chinese traditional medicine, comprehensive strength is in Chinese traditional medicine industry be among the best of candidates, it is the medicine with the biggest market prise of bourse of Hong Kong combination kind appear on the market company. Owner of invincible might medicine wants the old age in be aimed at to use poison of medicine, disease-resistant to use drug with medicine, children the target market that 3 big high speed increase, dedicated evolution shows new the form of a drug of acting Chinese traditional medicine, new product, formed inject with modern Chinese traditional medicine soft capsule of fluid, Chinese traditional medicine, Chinese traditional medicine 3 old the form of a drug are grain agent the combination of powerful superior goods of characteristic, inject fluid produces per year modern Chinese traditional medicine measure 1.2 billion, soft capsule produces per year a quantity 3.5 billion, all male crouch home the first.

Group of trade of invincible might drug regards Chinese traditional medicine as the lead company of the industry, take the development of new product and contemporary informatization construction seriously very much, have superintendency policy to medicines and chemical reagents to cooperate bureau of national medicine inspect, this project was to become Chongzhongzhi to weigh more. The project asks besides implementation 13 product line pack the function that endow with a code, solve even stereo the interface problem that wears a library high. Love starts the technology that depends on maturity, rich system the sufficient credit that compositive experience and perfect after service system won invincible might group and affirmation, with one action wins the bid, after the project is carried out, be sure to become love to achieve what be in charge of in the another classics of medical industry to make.

Love is achieved " date from of safety of quality of medicines and chemical reagents superintends a system " use automation to identify technology, information technology, automatically to add secret technology, build for every product exclusive " Id bar code " , endow with code and convection to connect those who sell information to superintend through the product having in producing a course, implementation flows to the content of every product, iformation flow undertakes supervisory manage and be controllinged. Systematic union is current the actual production situation of enterprise of our country medicine and administrative demand, can handle the company much product line, much work that pack neatly, the demand such as the much standard that pack, have prevent bogus formidably change, all-around dog date from function.
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