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The automobile industry solution with major of Na Liang photograph, system, high
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Data of automobile of 2008 Shanghai international and equipment technology exhibition (AMTS of the following abbreviation) in August 2008 6- - in Shanghai new international reads extensively 9 days the center goes on wheels. Regard automobile manufacturing industry as the grand meeting inside, AMPS is truckload compose built vendor of manufacturer of manufacturer, systematic supplier, component, data and production equipment supplier of a mutual communication professional platform.

The series product of company of American state offer is having very wide application in automobile industry. Accordingly, second AMTS is here medium, state offer company exhibited professional automobile industry solution and its product application. Took the experience of research and development of sensor of state offer major, the innovation product that offerred the market more window Bonner 2008, wireless sensor DX70 and the EZ-LIGHTTM industry intelligence that break through a tradition indicator light series, cooperate with other sensor range of products, reveal one by one. Mix the actual combat of automobile industry application, shirt-sleeve at a series of live scene demonstrates in, drew the attention of the personage inside numerous course of study.

American state offer exhibits a stage ablazely

What company of American state offer offers for automobile industry is advanced concept not only, more offerred efficient and applicable solution, use at be in the car is truckload the production that reachs industry of its spare parts has in good condition application in control, ensure quality, increase reliability, raise crop and managing cost. More attract eyeball, should be Bonner the product that place of integrated cream product makes demonstrates a system. Whole demonstrate a system, show the applied case of the product intuitionisticly to the audience not only, and pass spot salesperson explain, more figure ground transmits a concept to everybody: American state offer offers professional, system, high-powered solution for you.

Production equipment of automobile data and automobile is in in last few years times suffer fix eyes on, development potential is tremendous. The car of our country is truckload the relevant policy code that reachs component manufacturer to control problem and government to come on stage in view of cost, change nowadays before of reap where one has not sown purchase way, begin actively to pay close attention to the newest tendercy of new product, new technology inside material and production equipment industry closely. And American state offer is timely also capture demand of this one market, extend the advantage of product technology and application ceaselessly, be based on client demand, the applied case that brings more mature solution and success for automobile industry. We have reason to believe, american state offer is your best choice!
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