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Container of Chinese inland only produces a business why settle Chongqing
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Since the near future, china western a few content shed an enterprise to go to goods carry reach littoral abroad when, need not again because of container of allocate and transfer of from a great distance awaited hard, they can use the container that produces in Chongqing, shorten greatly thereby content shedding time is periodic, reduce cost. Does the container of Chinese inland only produce a business why settle Chongqing? The reporter had seek by inquiry to this recently.

Inside area of garden of industry of city of harbor of area of north of Chongqing city river, in collect (Chongqing) production limited company of content shedding equipment is in busy production, the finished product container of thousands of yellow, blue is orderly put in special storage yard. Speak of to choose Chongqing to build the origin of the factory at the outset, cheng Keqing of company general manager says, since Chongqing directly under the jurisdiction of, traffic facilities development is very rapid, come nearly 3 years increase rate of Chongqing container handling capacity exceeds 30 % , industrial high speed develops. "After the symptom that realizes container transport industry grows quickly, we begin survey from October 2006, argumentation invests the feasibility that builds a plant in Chongqing. "Cheng Keqing says, "In decision-making process, chongqing custom gave us hope, had decisive effect. Had decisive effect..

Introduce according to this company, in the process that communicates in arrange with, chongqing custom is versed in from leadership arrive at one's post, all show active and active cooperation attitude, to the relevant problem that the enterprise faces, active help coordinates custom staff member. A variety of expression of Chongqing custom, ate a sth capable of comforting sb to them.

Last year in October, market other people sheds equipment to make limited company invest 25 million dollar in, lay a foundation in Chongqing. This year in April, the first container gets offline formally, so far, symbiosis produces 6700 many container.

Thousands of container production comes out, the ceaseless flow of the enterprise flows in content, how to become a serious problem to applying science to superintend actually. For this, chongqing custom and this company are coordinated actively, innovation ground established the working pattern that storage yard superintends, passed " Chongqing custom about be opposite in collect (Chongqing) the administrative measure that content sheds equipment to make custom of limited company container superintend storage yard " . Nowadays, be in a company all round a few mus storage yard, have the supervisory equipment of as associated as the sea net everywhere, company and custom are OK never leave home, to container postpartum every flow has monitoring government, no risk at all.

This year in June, when construction superintends storage yard, the fiber-optic circuitry that market firm is in telegraphic branch in was not connected debut in time, cannot join, company and custom cannot realize data switch. Just meet first client of the company asks again at this moment pick up the goods, although the thing is small, affect the acceptance of the enterprise and credit issue however, influence meaning is far-reaching. The " client that Chongqing customs customs officer handles staff member You Yan to accredit an enterprise as custom coordinates a " , after understanding a situation, adopt handiwork to turn instantly the means that collects data, solved difficult problem in time, made sure firm client is successful pick up the goods.
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