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Xu Gong is heavy-duty visit bureau first trial through exporting exempt from exa
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On July 16, jiangsu discrepancy condition examines company tripartite alliance advances heavy machinery of Xuzhou of group of industry of municipal government of quarantine bureau, Xuzhou, Xu the autograph makes an appointment with memorandum of collaboration of job of exit exempt from examinations the ceremony is in heavy-duty muti_function hall is held ceremoniously. The autograph makes an appointment with a ceremony to examine by Xuzhou discrepancy condition quarantine bureau Zhao Director Jin Wei is chaired, jiangsu discrepancy condition examines light of Lu Yan of quarantine bureau deputy director general and Wang Hao of deputy mayor of Xuzhou municipal government speak respectively, xu is versed in group president Wang Min attended an autograph to arrange a ceremony.

"Exit exempt from examinations " it is a country what export a company when qualitative check total bureau carries out in the light of home is best involve treatment. Always obtain " exit exempt from examinations " qualificatory enterprise, wait for a file by hallmark of contract of certificate of effective exempt from examinations, foreign trade, L/C, commodity, can receive continuously examine formalities of quarantine orgnaization conduction discharged, avoid inside deadline of exempt from examinations close examine cost, can say be company exit " gold pass " .

Since job of exempt from examinations of heavy-duty April exit is started formally, the enterprise leads a height to take seriously, established exit exempt from examinations quickly to advance leader group and exempt from examinations to advance the office, through study of exempt from examinations the means of column of manual, brief, study is begun complete member study arouses, built departmental ancestry the member that one controller kisses contact of job of exempt from examinations of conceit duty, branch is specific those who fulfil advance a mechanism, the key is aimed at the QY50K product that declares exit exempt from examinations, to technical file, purchase control, process control, spot management, equipment management, storehouse management and sex of administrative document administrative levels and the platoon that executive circumstance had full range of nearly 3 months are checked rectify and reform, to receive province discrepancy condition to examine in the round the first trial of quarantine bureau laid good foundation.

Came 16 days on July 14, condition of Jiangsu province discrepancy examines 6 experts divide quarantine bureau into 5 groups of counterpoise model undertook comprehensive exit exempt from customs examination is examined, file of accurate to GB of the contract evaluation of the enterprise, entrance collect, technology, purchase control, process the respect such as management of control, spot management, safety administration, equipment management, storehouse management, service government and ERP production plan had careful examination. Finally, expert group gave out to pass the conclusion of first trial, also put forward an enterprise to be in at the same time management is meticulous change, the requirement that standardization respect needs to be perfected further.
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