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Golden home content sheds garden development to begin construction of mechanism
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Build the job to finish garden area high gradely, efficiently to develop end of the year goal assignment, recently, golden home content shed garden to hold faculty plenary meeting, begin office style of work to reorganize an activity deep.

The conference points out, content sheds garden area development to build the project that is a comprehensive system, faculty should enhance feeling of sense of urgency, crisis, sense of responsibility further, cogent fulfil function obligation, pull open construction in the round. This garden division shows, the development construction of content shedding garden does not have off-the-peg example to be able to offer reference in complete province and even total national capital, the Wu in the course that development of area of content shedding garden builds should insist to explore innovation surely, do good processing the social contradiction, innovation that asks for the ground to tear open change to wait for working method means.

In addition, the development of content shedding garden has the double quality of sex of Wu of administrative sex kimono, the working job that enrols business work and construction site especially is heavier. This garden area is in charge of appoint can express, developing the linchpin that builds success or failure is to fulfil, faculty should have hard-working character and consecratory mind, ensure the plan of project, carry out implement conference spirit and decision, aggrandizement mechanism efficiency is built, enhance executive power, ability improves work efficiency, optimize development to build an environment.

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